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The City

The City is a strange mix of the ’30s and now. Art-deco buildings, streamlined cars, etc. But computers, cell phones, and all the trappings of modern society are present as well. The various incarnations of Gotham City are a good visual start, but the City is not as dark and gothic as that.


A very short list of likely locations in the City:

  • City University
  • City Hall
  • Logan Zoo
  • A downtown full of skyscrapers
  • Subways and elevated trains, and sudden transitions from one to the other.
  • Eavesdown Docks, a down-on-its-luck neighborhood of wharves, warehouses and ramshackle housing.

Groups and Associations

  • City Fathers’ Benevolent Association
  • City Police Department, led by Police Chief Morgan.

The Heroes

The PCs all know each other, and know each others’ secret identities. They are a team that works together, not a bunch of lone wolves.

The PCs are heroes. Defend the innocent, protect the peace, stop the bad guy. Villains go to prison, not the morgue. The public loves their heroes because they are the good guys, not the slightly-less-bad guys.

Officially, the heroes are vigilantes or outright criminals. Certain politicians (especially the mayor and his cronies) denounce them at every opportunity. But the public generally loves them, and unofficially so do a lot of police officers, etc. Even the chief of police (the mayor’s right-hand man) secretly supports them, and helps them out on occasion.

Origins: anything goes. Temporally displaced alien magical cat girl? Go ahead. However, interesting is better than unique. If the TDAMCG doesn’t have more than that going for her, try making a local hero instead. Someone with friends, family, connections to the City and a secret identity worth keeping will be much more interesting for everyone. And the more interesting your character is, the more attention you’ll get from the game.

Character Creation

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